Enhancing the Digital Experience



T3 Telecoms is a level 1 BBBEE contributor, and is a shining example to the entire sector of direct socio-economic controbution, skills development, enterprise development and black economic empowerment at all developmental levels. As a black-owned and managed company, we thrive on continually developing other black-owned entities in the multiple sectors that intimately support our diverse ICT sector. By paying the strictest application of engaging companies that support the country’s indeginous empowerment policies, aimed at growing black-owned and women-owned and managed companies, we oblige our service providers and vendors to ensure utter comliance to all the said policies.

Socio-Economic & Community Development

T3 Telecoms has developed Socio-Economic and Community Development programmes aimed at the sustainable development of the communities it services directly or indirectly. These programmes range from Schools Digital Adoption, where we select a school and sponsor their digital connectivity requirements, to Community Digital Hubs, which are developed in partnership with Network Operators and provide highly discounted data coverage costs to developing communities.

With a strong belief in investing technologically to youth within underserviced and developing communities, and in the opportunities technology provides to the prospective development and conversion of these very communities and for their progressive embitterment, T3 Telecoms will continue to deliver highly innovative programmes and products to support the enhancement of these communities.

Skills Development

T3 Telecoms has a robust internal skills development programme, which aims to develop the skills of all employees, whom are our most valuable assets, to ensure their continually personal development throughout their time in our employ, as well as their continued developmental growth within their own areas of speciality.

The exponential growth of the mobile services industry, especially Mobile Applications, T3T drives and aggressive incubation programme for young developers, providing them a platform to develop and market their development for monetary gains and growth. This programme aims to stretch into ICT-specialist tertiary institutions throughout the country, which will become a breeding ground for future technology skills within the sector.