The Company

Enhancing the Digital Experience


Established several years back, T3 Telecoms (Pty) Ltd (T3T) is a Mobile Technology and Mobile Value-Added Services and Product Distribution Company, with an exceptional Mobile Product Development Team.

Having begun as a Prepaid Mobile Product Distribution Company, specialising in Prepaid Airtime & Data as well as Prepaid Starter Kits, T3T has expanded its services to ensure its comprehensive ability to cater for a fast-growing telecoms sector. With a national distribution footprint, consisting of Retailers, Wholesalers, Formal and Informal Traders, Asosciations & Unions, as well as Digital Communities, T3T is able to aptly ensure the efficient and effective distribution of Prepaid Products and Services timeously.

T3T is a Specialist Mobile Technology Infrastructure Finance company, with a key focus on Handset Finance, specifically Phones and Tablets. We finance and distribute Handsets to Retailers, Wholesaslers and Cosumers directly, through client-focused fully customised finance structures and tools, aimed at simplifying access and ownership of the required handsets by the target client. With a keen sense of focus on Developing and Emerging markets, T3T aims to service these very markets through highly innovative finance tools and structures, which will improve the cost of technology ownership to clients, partners and consumers alike. Being a 100% South African owned and managed technology house, we intimately understand the avid need for the provision of latest Mobile Technology Products and Services throughout the continent’s markets in a cost-effective, yet efficient way.

T3 Telecoms is a process driven organisation with well-defined processes and delivery methodologies.

Backed by strong Insurance, Logistics Network and Stock Management Partnerships with extensive capabilities for the financed Handsets, T3T is able to ensure the safe distribution and financing of needed products and services in all targeted markets continentally. Assisting Governments, State Owned Enterprises, Corporates, SMEs and Consumers directly, has become our delivery promise to our clients and partners, guaranteeing exceptional service quality and turn around times.

T3 Telecoms is a process driven organisation with well-defined processes and delivery methodologies. It has well organized Functional Teams with distinct Process Areas of Mobile Application Development, Product Distribution, Business Analytics, Robotics, Software Development, Design, Testing, Software Support, Quality Assurance and Project Management.